Bradford Pear Trees

The Bradford Pear.    One of the more popular yard and street trees in central ohio due to its flower effect, shinny leaf, oval habit and outstanding fall color.    However, the Bradford pear is notorious for weak branching patterns.    The result of these weak branching patterns is illustrated by this photo.    This splitting could be easily avoided by structurally pruning out the weak branching which eliminates narrow crotch growth and branch weight.   Unfortunately, due to pruning neglect, this beautiful tree had to be cut down and removed.


The best time to begin structural pruning on Bradford pear or any tree for that matter is when they are young, 2-3 inch caliber.    If trees are managed as they mature the cost to maintain is far less expensive than letting them grow out of bounds and dealing costs associated with storm damage or damage to your home.

Bradford Pear Pruning